Technical Solutions for On-Exchange Enrollments

What We Do

LinkedHealth is a Healthcare technology company that provides enrollment solutions to carriers and private exchanges. Our cloud-based technologies are designed to increase enrollments, lower cost and drive a more profitable product mix without substantial internal development costs.

Our Direct Enrollment platform provides a cost effective option for connecting plan shopping websites to the Federal Marketplace so that consumers and agents can determine eligibility for financial assistance and enroll in plans offered on the Federal Marketplace. Our "Enrollment Triage" solution increases enrollments and profitability by optimizing the balance between call center and online enrollments based on consumer profiles and anticipated profitability.

All of our solutions are cloud-based, client-branded and require minimal resources to implement.

Implementation Approaches

We have different implementation options custom made for your organization's needs.


Cloud (SaaS)

For organizations that want a simple solution to manage the complete process. LinkedHealth hosts the solution with client-branded pages and manages all functionality and communication with the FFM.

Web Services (API)

For organizations that want to host their own pages while using the LinkedHealth platform to facilitate the integration with the FFM and ongoing maintenance. The client hosts the webpages and LinkedHealth manages all FFM integration.

Custom Cloud (SaaS)

Typically for larger organizations that want full control of the user experience while leveraging an outsourced solution. You determine the requirements and LinkedHealth creates a custom instance for your organization and manages the entire experience.

Use Cases

Direct Enrollment

Direct Enrollment is's term for allowing carriers and web brokers to link their shopping web sites or private exchanges to for eligibility determination and online enrollment into tax credit eligible, on-exchange, medical and dental plans. This integration involves transferring enrollees to the eligibility portion of then bringing the user back to the carrier or broker web site for attestation and enrollment. The integration allows official determination and enrollment without introducing enrollees to every health plan or carrier and can be implemented in less than 30 days. LinkedHealth's Direct Enrollment solution streamlines the eligibility verification and enrollment process, allowing consumers to enroll in a Marketplace plan directly via a health plan or broker organization.


A SAAS solution to this challenge is a win for the entire industry.
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