The most effective acquisition of new members

Why Integrate with

So you can...

  • Enable consumers to determine their eligibility and enroll directly in on-exchange plans
  • Empower agents to obtain eligibility and enroll consumers
  • Ensure commissions earned for on-exchange enrollments
  • Control the plan options viewed by the consumer
  • Track the status of members through the entire experience

And don't deal with...

  • Hundreds of emails to CMS Support
  • Hundreds of hours investigating FFM error messages
  • Hundreds of hours sitting on government conference calls
  • Hundreds of hours researching edge cases
  • Thousands of hours of testing enrollment scenarios
  • Thousands of pages of compliance related documents
  • Loss of valuable resource time

Why Integrate With Us?

Lower Cost

alternative to in-house development, support and maintenance. LinkedHealth manages all requirements and communication with CMS including code updates, revisions and additions. As CMS requirements continue to evolve, including the integration of state exchanges, LinkedHealth will be responsible for technical development, compliance and security needs.

Save Time

on integration by using an approved partner with an existing integration to the FFM. LinkedHealth can get you started quickly so that you can stay focused on growing your business.

Increase Conversion

of tax credit eligible consumers. The LinkedHealth platform is engineered with enhanced user functionality designed to convert visitors to enrollments.

Call Center Efficiency

Why waste expensive call center and agent time working through complicated applications that may not be accepted? The LinkedHealth platform can be configured to route certain consumer inquiries to call center agents and others to depending upon anticipated profitability.

Tracking & Measurement

of all user activity. LinkedHealth's reporting provides access to real time data used to track consumers or agents throughout the process. Tracking data can also be integrated in real time with clients' CRM systems.

Peace of Mind

knowing that you're working with a compliant and professional team dedicated to the support and conversion of tax credit eligible consumers. We understand the regulatory requirements associated with the Affordable Care Act and what is required to successfully integrate with the FFM.

A SAAS solution to this challenge is a win for the entire industry.
Let's discuss why it makes sense for your organization.

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